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Betty Taisch is my only choice as a Realtor®. She is hard-working, dedicated to getting her clients the home that's right for them, and has proven to me that she cares wholeheartedly about making people's dreams of owning a home a reality. I first met Betty in 2015. At the time the San Francisco market was brutally aggressive. Entry-level homes were selling for 100-250k above asking. These lower-priced homes attracted contractors and investors by droves, and they all had cash. It left very little to nothing left for someone needing a loan to buy so finding a Realtor® for myself and my partner was extremely difficult. Our situation was complicated even further. We needed down payment assistance and were using the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing first-time home buyer's program which meant we needed three types of loans approved and roughly 60 days to close. We were literally turned down by every Realtor®'s door we knocked on and gave up until a friend recommended Betty. To our surprise, she was willing to be our Realtor®. Our initial thought was she was taking us on as a charity case and didn't really expect to get any level of service. Immediately we realized our assumption was incorrect because Betty gave us the same amount of care and attention to find a home as if we were looking for a million-dollar home with cash. Betty showed us and went through the offer process on probably a dozen homes before I threw in the towel and just gave up buying in San Francisco and bought in Bay Point. I have never forgotten how well she treated and took care of us so this year when I decided to sell my home and buy in San Francisco. Naturally, Betty was my choice. She again became willing to help me buy in San Francisco as well as sell my Bay Point home. Some added benefit that I've learned using Betty is her reputation in San Francisco Bay Area is impeccable. Every Realtor® I've spoken to while viewing homes who said Betty Taisch is my Realtor® has expressed a strong desire to do business with her. The staging team she hired to sell my Bay Point home did a remarkable job staging my home for sale. It looks far better than I had imagined, and I believe this will help my home sell for more and also faster because it looks more appealing. She was also able to provide gardening and cleaning services on very short notice and both did an immaculate job in preparing my home for sale. There is no doubt in my mind Betty will sell my home for top dollar and get me into my dream home in San Francisco. I'm happy to have met her and very grateful for how she's treated me along the way.

Andrew N.

San Francisco is currently a very fierce and competitive Real Estate Market. It helps to have a very powerful, knowledgeable, well-connected, and well-respected agent to get the house you want. We were referred to Betty by our family Realtor® in Honolulu, and after a quick introduction, we chose to have her represent us. After speaking with multiple agents, it was an easy decision based on Betty's status in the local Real Estate realm, objective knowledge of the industry and process, and her personable demeanor. Many agents present as money hungry and chasing the dollar; Betty presented as someone who wanted to help a client make their lives better by attaining their Real Estate goals. My wife, 9-month-old daughter, and I found a house that we wanted to buy in a very desirable part of Lakeshore. It turns out that the house was sold off-market via some unorthodox practices. Luckily, just down the street, a house we were also considering was available, and it turned out to be a much better situation in hindsight. In this market where the Seller has the pick of the litter to sell to, Betty. and her team (Maria, Lynn, and Ashley) worked tirelessly with the Seller's Agent. After some back and forth and some late-night phone calls and reassurances from Betty, we got the house. Betty literally turned our dream into reality as these houses rarely hit the market. With our new house locked down, it was time to sell the condo we had owned for 13 years. Betty and our contractor, Ron Gil of Gil Construction, refreshed our condo, staged it, and presented two open houses. Within two weeks of listing our condo, we received multiple offers well over asking. To this day our condo still lists in the Top-5 in price per square foot for our floorplan. Fast forward two years, and we welcomed a son into our family. When we notified Betty of our new addition, she really went above and beyond to shower us with her generosity. Although it has been over two years since we utilized Betty and her team's services, she continues to display that she sincerely appreciates her clients. We truly cannot thank Betty and her team for their tireless work and effort to make our lives better.

Chantelle & Brandon

When we started looking at homes in SF, Betty was referred to me by my rock star NYC real estate agent, Patrick. Right from the start, Betty was super available: she called me right away to get a sense of what we were looking for, neighborhoods, budget, etc. From there, my fiancé and I chose to go to Open Houses and then share our feedback with Betty on what we liked, what we didn't like, and any properties that we'd like her to dig into for us more. It's also worth noting that at every Open House we attended, the listing agent would ask who we worked with, and when we said Betty, every single one would get this knowing look, nod their head, and say: "Ohhhh, Betty. She's really good." And let me tell you, she is! On our weekly Open House tour, we fell in love with the home and were told by the listing agent they were accepting offers in two days. I emailed Betty noting that I doubt we could turn around an offer at that time -- especially as I wanted her to see the place with me. She responded immediately, set- up a time for us to see it together the next day, had me and my fiancé in her office immediately following the viewing, and worked with us to answer questions, walk us through the process, and pull together the offer and it was accepted! I still can't believe we got our dream home - especially when it was our first offer and so many other offers were made on the house. But Betty definitely has the magic touch. She never once pressured us to go higher or waive contingencies but walked us through her recommendations and why she was making them. Her team, Lynne and Maria, are also super on the ball and very responsive. I was amazed at how seamlessly they work as a unit and definitely have the insider knowledge and relationships that you want when going through the process. I said something similar in my review of Patrick but buying a home, especially in a competitive market, is difficult enough. Do yourself a favor and call Betty: she's not only experienced and has a proven track record and reputation, but is sweet, kind, and an absolute pleasure to work with. We look forward to referring her to our friends and family (and yelpers!)

Amanda S.

We cannot speak highly enough of Betty and her team! We never thought we could compete in the Bay Area real estate market but Betty never gave up hope and was willing to do whatever it took (even brainstorm about creative ideas) to help us find a home for our family. She felt like a parent to us during this process as she offered candid advice and made sure we were taken care of (such as ensuring the sellers purchased a 1-year home warranty for us and advocating we get cash back from the sellers at closing for a minor internal issue that appeared in escrow). Betty also seems to have an uncanny sense of what to bid and what houses sell for, which was helpful as we did not want to pay more than we had to but didn't want to miss out either. The market is obviously insanely competitive and Betty literally gave us a leg up because of her incredible reputation and professionalism! One listing agent was so excited to have the opportunity to work with Betty as he had seen her as an example in the field since beginning his practice. Although we didn't get that house because we could not increase our bid enough, we actually got some attention from the sellers and had the opportunity to counter-offer! The agent of the home we did purchase said she had never worked with anyone as professional as Betty. We are completely in love with our new home and know we couldn't have done it without Betty. She is trustworthy, ethical, knowledgeable, warm, caring, and professional. Thank you, Betty!

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